Photo Requirements For Registration

Photos must be taken no more than 6 months ago


Only colour visible on a dry horse from a minimum of 2 metres away shall be considered




Horse must be reasonably clean and mud free


Horse must be standing not moving


Photos must show ALL of the horse including all 4 hooves, eyes, ears, nose & tail




Horse can only be wearing a halter or bridle


NO ribbons, number holders, tail bags, covers or any other saddlery permitted




Clear photos required (not blurry when enlarged)


J-Peg photos only accepted


E-mailed photos only accepted


E-mailed photos to be no more than 500KB per photo


We understand it is more difficult to photograph foals but if you take the photo from the shoulder preferably without mum in the photo




E-mail all photos to the Registrar


In subject header of e-mail please include owners & horses name

Permanent Right Side

Permanent Left Side